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March 18, 2019


Hillsborough calls Flintstone House a ‘public nuisance’

(Thanks to Vernon Bowen)


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Wilma !!

They should replace it with the Simspons house.

I think everyone who saw it would love this house! Just as long as it's not next door to them.

"Barney, Wilma, the government has given us no choice.
We must cry Havoc! And let slip the dinosaurs of war."

Florence Fang ..
The only Fang with whom I am familiar is Phyllis Diller's husband.
shuffles back on the geezer bus

The real problem is when they don't clean up after Dino does his business.

We were promised Jetson homes.

Yabba Dabba don't.

The town has a good case for the landscaping and signage code violations. However, the dino statues do not appear to be "landscaping," "fixtures," or "structures" as defined in their zoning ordinance, so they are probably safe for the next 60 million years.

Definitions matter.

I know that house. When I lived in San Jose I frequently traveled on Hwy 280 to other cities of the Silicon Valley to avoid the dreadful Hwy 101. I could see it and it was not out of place in that part of California.
In the forest of the Santa Cruz mountains there are many remnants of the hippies who build many very strange looking homes.
But this house was painted differently, more like adobe style houses. I always liked it.

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