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March 29, 2019


TriHealth drops confetti penis lawsuit, says incident unrelated to bomb threat

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Now, TriHealth says the sender came forward and was not behind the alleged bomb threat, so the lawsuit has been dropped.
The sender was sentenced to two Tetanus shots and the giver was instructed to make them hurt.

“...or are you just happy to see me?”

On a personal note, I've actually been to that office here in Cincinnati.
I don't think I'll go back. Anyplace where the words "penis", "bomb", and "confetti" are in the same description... I'm out.

Anyone who would send a joke bomb like that is a real dick.

So many uses...

The next package is headed to an address in Ringaskiddy, Ireland.

Sounds like the money shot involved very small bills.

Are we sure this headline wasn't generated from Mad Libs?

"_______ drops ______ lawsuit, says incident unrelated to _______"

The penis mightier than the sword

Reading about "confetti penis" I kinda thought about some accident involving wood chipper. Very disappointed.

I saw Phallic Pinata Outpouring open for... I got nothin'.

@padraig - I'm pretty sure it was Pussy Riot that opened for PPO.

I was hoping for didgeridoo confetti.

Consult a doctor if your confetti lasts more than four hours.

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