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March 23, 2019


Robots enable bees and fish to talk to each other

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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I'd be more impressed if they enabled a way for parents to talk to their teenagers. Doubly impressed if they could get the teenagers to listen.

And thus was Bumble Bee Tuna launched.

Bees and fish are one thing, but if those robots start communicating with The Squirrels, it could be trouble.

I can't even.

Finally the global fish-bee conflict may be ending! Can world peace be far behind?

Bee: "Bzz Bzzz?"
Fish: "Bool bool"!

"The robots acted as if they were negotiators and interpreters in an international conference. Through the various information exchanges, the two groups of animals gradually came to a shared decision," says Francesco Mondada, a professor at BioRob.

And that decision translated as "kill all the humans, using the squirrels as our agents".

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