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March 15, 2019


N.B. government agency offers lessons on how to roll a joint

Vulcan amends the town budget ... to buy Star Trek uniforms for councillors at $620 apiece

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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They're all getting red shirts!

So does that cut down the chance they will live long and prosper?

It's too bad the Vulcan budget didn't allow the purchase of some working phasers for the councillors guards.

I wonder if they were able to avoid Pon Farr problems while at their convention....

Make them wear those godawful jumpsuits from the first Star Trek movie. I read they were so badly designed that none of the actors could sit down without difficulty.

It isn't the uniforms, it's the steaming bowls of gagh served at the diner that really causes problems.

Wanderer2575: Were those uniforms responsible for the create of The Picard Maneuver?

I hate them now. Last October I got a traffic ticket there (illegal turn). I guess I contributed my money to their new costumes.

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