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March 17, 2019


“Nurses were removing Morrison’s underwear and located a clear plastic baggy containing a clear crystal substance stuck to his left buttocks,” the deputy said. The deputy identified the substance as Crystal Meth.

Morrison told the deputy that his friends “might have put it in his underwear and not realized that it was there.”

(Thanks to pharmaross)

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(Thanks to Unholy Slacker, who asks "Is that a crime now?")


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Were they dealing in crack cocaine?

Cracks or fractures in the Earth's crust are called faults. People who store crack in their cracks obviously
have faulty thinking and show little regard for most cracks, just their own crack. When taken to an ER or jail they often have a crack-up that discloses their faults.

Our crack team of reporters are on doody 24/7;;;

Obviously a bum wrap

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