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March 09, 2019


Florida woman, 47, 'shot her boyfriend in the armpit for SNORING too loudly at the mobile home they share'

(Thanks to Greg Mullen, A. Wheeler and pharmaross)


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Captain Morgan, loaded guns, and a trailer do not mix.

nursecindy told me.

Besides, isn't the traditional solution a pillow over the face?

If you make a loud noise when someone is snoring, they will usually stop. A gunshot would do the trick but it's best to point the loaded gun away from the snorer unless you are seeking a permanent solution to the problem.

The guy told police later on that he was trying to stop his girlfriend's constant complaining about his snoring. On advice from some friends he bought a $2.00 pair of ear plugs. They worked well, he couldn't hear a complaint one she made about his snoring.
Then for some reason she pulled out a gun...

The woman was just attempting one of those new FDA approved treatments for sleep apnea. The treatment is called Expire.

If it were not for her bitching, the guy would have slept right through it.

So true Jeff. Is he still snoring or did this work?

If the armpit was the source of the noise, it probably wasn't snoring.

5* Snork@ Clankie!

Someone should have told her there was no chance of making it into the Time-Life Old West book series by now.

Well, that was a Rum go.

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