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March 31, 2019


Here’s a nice review of Lessons From Lucy from... Guam! Which I believe is a real place.


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That was a great review! Old dogs have been teaching humans new tricks for years. I was reminded of some Tom T.Hall lyrics:

-"Ain't but three things that's worth a solitary dime,
But old dogs and children and watermelon wine
Old dogs care about you even when you make mistakes
God bless the little children while they're still
too young to hate."

Hopefully my mail box is still standing when my copy arrives.

Yeah, nice review. Looking forward to reading it!

I think Guam is where guamacole comes from. Wikipedia says it's in the Allusion Islands.

Yes, Guam is a real place! nursecindy (who is also real) has been there, or flown over it, or something.

I have an old beagle+something. Lost him briefly in the divorce, but got him back. At ~16 he doesn't see well, doesn't hear well (at least that's his excuse) and is, like me, slower. He makes entropy look tired. But then, when out walking across the field, gets frisky and wants to run. The best lesson I've gotten from him in the last couple of years is the practice of gratitude every morning we both get up and to see him moving about when I get home from work. His little life helps me the rest of the day be thankful for the rest of life.

Loudmouth: That's exactly right.

" Introspective " is ok. Thoughtfully inward-looking is ok too.

What Loudmouth and Dave said...

I have two Border collies who have won sheep dog trials for me. They're twelve years old and I'm 71. We don't compete anymore, but we still go out and do what they were born to do on nice days.

I love you guys.


Lesson 11: Fire Judi at least once a Quarter.

I have been to Guam several times. It's a fun place. First you're innocently flying over the ocean at 32,000 feet and the next thing you know your plane starts dropping down and lands on what appears to be a dot in the middle of nowhere! Good times. Especially when my baby brother's eardrum ruptured during the landing and he screamed all the way to Hawaii.

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