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March 08, 2019


If not for women, there'd be no tequila

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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This whole story was ginned up.

I'll drink to that. "Women!"

Or, if you prefer, "TEQUILA!"

Some would say that if not for women, there would be no NEED for tequila.

Some would say that...not me, necessarily...dear....

From the looks of the town, I am under the impression the women buy their paint here.

Aside from the fact that Tequila is West-NORTH-west, not South, of Guadalajara (I was just there last week), I found the article interesting. Too much time in Tequila sampling their wares may screw up your sense of direction I suspect.

I remember my last experience with tequila. I told myself I shouldn't have another shot. Then I decided I wasn't going to take advice from some drunk who talks to himself.

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