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March 02, 2019


Women say they are suffering with smelly 'KETO CROTCH' as a result of following the low-carb regimen loved by stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Jenna Jameson

(Thanks to Rick Day and Jeff Meyerson, who says he saw them open for the Butthole Surfers at Coachella)


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Jenna is probably worried that her title as "the world's most famous adult entertainment performer" is in jeopardy from Stormy Daniels.

I misread as "KEYHOLE CROTCH".

Ladies,have your dates had to leave a dinner before the menu arrived for a hospital emergency and he's not a doctor. Do stray cats follow you home? You may be suffering the heartbreak of Keto Crotch syndrome.

The best cure is to stop being on some Online stupid diet. Try a couple of weeks of the Blog recommended pizza and beer diet. It could change your life-or then again, maybe not.

At first glance I thought it was Beto crotch.

This smells like a job for... DEBBIE! (hesitantly.)

Wasn't an imported motorcycle from the 70's known as a Keto Crotch Rocket?

Embarrassed by your case of Keto Crotch? Here is a simple, foolproof way to cure those awkward odors: Plenty of fresh asparagus.

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