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March 07, 2019


Nyawaya Dam in Masiyandumbi Village under Chief Chireya has become a haven of mermaids and crocodiles that have been devouring livestock willy-nilly.

This has been The News From Abroad.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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I don't know about mermaids, but I've seen plenty of willy-nilly barmaids.

I saw Mermaids and Crocodiles open for Country Joe and the Fish.


Venomous mermaids must be indigenous to Australia. It's shocking they are migrating, maybe to the Everglades by 2020.

Mermaids ! Whoa ! Do they have tops on ? This could become a big tourist site.

I'm pretty sure Mermaid Infestation opened for Zappa.

They ate their willy nilly? Not sure what part that is.

Sounds like a job for Aqua Man.

Rejected plot development plan for " Splash 2 ".


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