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March 21, 2019


Study reveals chemical in McDonald's fries may be cure for baldness

(Thanks to Ralph)


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As one who has had his fair share of McDonalds fries, I'd have to say that they don't cure baldness.

JG, you might be doing it wrong. Did you rub them on your scalp?

"Chemical" and "fries" are two words I don't want to see together.

"When they tested that chemical on mice, scientists said, the mice regrew hair."

If I have to choose between baldness and mouse hair on my head, I choose baldness.

The catch is that the hair is "Clown-Red".

Jeff - I must have forgot the ketchup...

I'll give up eating McDonald's fries when I start coughing up hairballs.

If you've seen the arms and hands of some of the people who work at McDonald's, you know this works.

A picture of one of the fry-eating lab mice has been released.

Good one manual tomato. So true too.
IMHO there is nothing better than an order of fresh, hot McDonald's fries. On the other hand, there is nothing worse than an order of cold McDonald's fries.

I once had a fish sandwich that was an almost instant cure for constipation, but that may have been somewhere else.

I'm assuming a large order improves your sex life. McDonald's fries - grow bigger stuff with or value menu.

I thought it was the pickles on the burgers that cured baldness. You know, Minoxidill.

*snork* at AmoebaStampede...

If the founder were still alive, he would say that this claim is a real Kroc.

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