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March 26, 2019


Drunk driver sprayed Axe in his mouth to mask the smell of alcohol, SC deputies say

(Thanks to Vernon)


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"Is there a (hic) problem, occifer?"

Spartanburg is across the state line from nursecindy. I'm sure she is thrilled by this.

Let's give this dude a break. He was just trying to decide which was tastier, Dogfish Head beer or Axe.

I'm not surprised by it Jeff. I'm not sure I blame them either. Driving in Spartanburg is a nightmare. It's like the state decided to fix and replace all of the roads all at the same time!
Our drunks here in North Carolina use Juicy Fruit gum or only admit to drinking two beers. Even when they're falling out of the car.

Spraying Axe in your mouth probably raises your BAC... smooth move, idjit.

"Sir, we'd like to Ax you a few questions..."

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