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March 06, 2019


A man who, as a child, starred in the band in the movie “School of Rock” has been arrested multiple times in Florida after investigators say he stole guitars and other equipment from music stores.


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Wait, we’re supposed to pay for the guitars that are on display?

He's not on a mission from God.

Shoddy journalism. What song was he playing? (Wait, let me guess... “I Get Around” by The Beach Boys?)

School of Rock 2: School of Crime. Jack Black as Fagin (not Donald).

Why do they never steal bongos ?

I believe it was Bruce Springsteen in Thunder Road who said it best:

"Well, I got this guitar, and I learned how to make it walk..."

You don't understand! It was a GOLDTOP!!

(FYI, some Gibson Les Paul Goldtops are highly prized by Blues and Rock musicians.)

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