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March 07, 2019


Firefighters use an electric saw to remove an iron ring from a student's penis after it got stuck on his privates for eight hours

(Thanks to John Gregg)


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Calling nursecindy!

This dude is not going to be Lord of the Rings.

If it took him eight hours to figure out it was stuck, I'm not sure he's smart enough to be in college.

You would think having been made in Made in China it would have fell off shortly after being applied.

Had the same thing come into the ER and we also called the fire department to help us out. The good thing is most men only make this mistake one time.

nursecindy, I suppose they are also frightened at the sound of electric saws and drills for the rest of their lives, with both hands instinctively cupping their jewels.

@manual tomato-China has improved their metallurgy. I don't think it would be the ring that falls off..

And all this took place in Shandong .

Hope this doesn't post three or four times . . .

Le Petomane - if you are Ok with eating ANY food from China, from A fish to Zebra - this may be our last conversation. Oh, if your computer has ANY parts Made in China and is giving problems, open a front window and toss the computer out onto the lawn.

That does it. We're switching MT to decaf...

Stixnstonz - you are correct in assuming I am having my coffee at this time. Late. Because I have been out in the front yard re-digging a hole for my galvanized steel mailbox which was knocked loose by some idiot trying to break into my old box on mondday. I'm really mad about the whole thing. That is why I am taking it out on Le petomane.

If you watch here, you will see the guy unsuccessfully in broad daylight try to break into my mailbox.

A few weeks ago a delivery driver RAN OVER MY MAILBOX" when He left his car in Drive while delivering my package.

Only at my [EXPLETIVE] house.

Le Petomane feel free to tell me more about the improved state mellalurigoly of China

Some months ago I called the cops, dispatcher Rivera whom I got to to know intimately over the phone, because a suspicious individual was prowling around on some business property. If you watch this video until the police cruiser shows up moving down the driveway and makes a left, shortly thereafter you will see the suspicious individual dart across the lot and run for his life. Thia is not funny. I am open to suggestions from Le Petomine if He can get his mind off of the development of Chinese metalurology and think rationally when responding.

for those of you who don't remember, manual tomato is all up on security where he lives. For good reason. I remember him saying that he had video of some jerk smiling as he was cutting the wires on his security camera. Too bad he can't employ a glitter/fart-spray booby trap that could detect the difference between a postal worker delivery mail versus a thief.

I have a live video a purse snatching - anybody interested?

Also, Live bicycle theft.

Porch Pirates in action. Live.

I am worried about the Chinese involvement in recent S.W.A.T. activity on several occasions WITHIN a FEW FEET of me. I'm thinking the metalorlogic development the nation has undergone in recent years has something to do with police using my property as a staging area for S.W.A.T. the increase in S.W.A.T. involved activity. Their helicopters are possibly Russian or Chinese made and will not last long. I am going for another cup. I'm waiting for my concrete to dry on my mailbox post.

MOTW - do you have any metric sockets? Must be a galvanized steel CHINESE mailbox. I should have read the label more carefully. At least I wasn't buying frozen fish.

- the guy could not break into the mailbox. Galvanized steel. He was not strong enough to bend the door open. If Made in China definitely made from of the same material described of the ring in this story. The Chinese must get their genital rings from Toledo Lock Co. USA which Le Petomane highly recommends.

Some of you bloggers may be thinking, I wish MT would post a link to that impenatrable galvanized steel mailbox because:

1. A buff hardened criminal who had obviously spent prior years in prison could not break into the box. He even lost his hat trying unsuccessfully to steal MT's mail.

2. A delivery driver who RAN OVER the mailbox with his truck failed to put a scratch on the post or box.

3. Manual Tomato has provided valuable video in my decision making process for my next mailbox. He has enhaned the overall cognitive function of my brainregarding the Chinese, etc.

Link 1.

Link 2.

I highly recommend this mailbox.

@manual tomato--I happen to love a good rant. This is right up there with Mark Twain's Letter to the Gas Company. Sorry about your mailbox, maybe you could find one made out of titanium. We already know how well the ones made of galvanized Chinese steel hold up.

Hold my beer....

Link 1.

Link 2.

In all seriousness, I highly recommend this mailbox if you are considering buying a mailbox. We have had to close bank accounts in the past due to scrupulous people stealing our mail.

Hopefully Helpful Info.

Link 1.

Link 2.

In all seriousness, if you are in the market for one, I highly recommend this mailbox.

Link 1.

Link 2.

In all seriousness, if you are in the market for one, I highly recommend this mailbox.

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