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March 29, 2019


'Worst' airline passenger has meltdown over not being served Pepsi: 'She looked like a demon'

(Thanks to Rod Nunley and Not My Usual Alias)


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Alcohol gets an honorable mention

I think she's on a book tour

What kind of stupid airline only serves fruit juice? Give me a Diet Coke or give me death! You might want to make it caffeine free too.

I read this story yesterday. Noteworthy that the pilot announced that she is banned from the airlines for life now.


She’s banned for life from flying, so instead she’ll be behind the wheel of a motor vehicle? Great plan. Now she can release her inner demon with some road rage.

Conspiracy theorists claim that TSA installs demons in some people just to break the monotony.

LOL, Le Pet. I believe it!

MOTW and I were thinking the same thing. I was picturing John Belushi saying it, too.

"No Coke, Pepsi. You want chips?"

For once, the vertical video orientation was justified.

Time for a walk on the wing.....

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