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March 18, 2019


“Took some lad home with me and he undone my bra and loads of chicken nuggets just came falling out,” she wrote.

(Thanks to Hayseed Tom)


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She really thinks the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

need to introduce her to salsa testicle dipper

Upon close inspection, I'm not seeing a bra. I'll keep investigating.

Not clicking and I don't wanna know where she is hoarding the tater tots.

I also noticed she obviously spends a lot of time applying make-up techniques she learned while watching the internet.

This story wouldn't make news in Flathead County.

You can always tell it's summer here in North Carolina because all of the stores put up signs saying, "We don't accept money kept in bras". I'm not sure why women do this but you don't want sweaty money when you're a store clerk. I wonder if they'll have to add chicken nuggets to that sign now?

Here in the desert, one is better off not asking where some women stash burritos and tacos.

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