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March 13, 2019


A pet store in Cape Coral used surveillance cameras help arrest a regular customer who has been stealing feeder mice.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Of course, Serial Rodent Thief once opened for the Boomtown Rats.

Mad because the owner didn't give a rats ass. So, he took 'em.

As if stealing the mice wasn't enough, he took the light bulbs forcing these poor creatures to spend their last hours cold and in the dark! Hanging is too good for him!

Of Mice and Morons.

5*Snork@ manual tomato!

So... does he have a really strange drug habit?

Get it together, Keven!

It's a lot cleaner and cheaper to buy frozen feeder mice online than to hassle with live ones. Thaw them out and wiggle them in front of your snakes for a happy meal. Keven is an idiot. Maybe the light bulbs were to replace the ones over his head that never worked.

Ralph, you are sounding a lot like nursecindy today. NTTAWWT

Frozen feeder mice??

Like they're dressed up in tiny Elsa and Anna costumes?

Fractalist -- just let it go

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