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March 18, 2019


A turkey appeared to play the role of a crossing guard so other turkeys could cross the road amid traffic.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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There already too many turkeys in Washington.

Recently, Pilgrim's Pride, have been experimenting with Judas turkeys to round up escapees. From this video it appears to be working.

School districts are hiring.

Tom: Good morning, everyone! Let's keep it moving. Henrietta .. Trixie .. Thad, Beatrice .. Come on, folks. Nice legs, Sheila .. ahem .. Stella. All right, show's over.

Spring is almost here in NH. That's a cock guarding his hens. I suspect fowl play, as usual.

Oh, oh, so the girl turkeys needed a man turkey to show them how to cross??
What an insult!

Always gotta one-up the chicken.

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