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March 05, 2019


A fight between a Pasco County couple ended with both of them behind bars this weekend after deputies say they threw concrete blocks through each other's car windows.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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She probably gave him that haircut.

I think they could use a "Marriage Encounter" weekend.

That technique almost worked for Ernest T. Bass on the Andy Griffith Show.

nothin' says luving like cinder blocks a' coming.

They look like such a fun couple!

In Geezer Acres if a married couple started grabbing concrete blocks to throw at each other, their trailer would fall over.

Another case of premeditated mortar.

It’s nice that they have such a concrete basis for their relationship.

Just wondering: in this instance, whose side are you on, WFLA -Channel 8?

Are these those same people that were in the parking lot refusing to back up for each other? 'Cause this is how I saw that one ending up.

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