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March 28, 2019


Bikini model’s beach shoot goes wrong thanks to ‘the greatest photobomb of ALL time’

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Meh. I've had hotter models intrude on videos of myself.

[Morgan Freeman narration] "After standing in the same spot for months, guarding the egg and enduring bitter cold temperatures and unimaginably wicked winds, the male Emperor penguin is finally relieved of his solemn duty by the returning mother, and takes a well-deserved respite in the warmer waters off the southern coast."

And you think your swimsuit has gotten too small?

@Stixnstonz: "I'm breeding, man!"

Perhaps the man in the background was lost in thought, though it was otherwise good of him not to have a heart attack while in the backdrop of her photo shoot.

I watched with interest, having missed the last planetary eclipse.

Back in the day, photobombing perverts were more interesting. They usually wore a yellow raincoat and sunglasses. They also often rode tricycles with one of those rubber squeeze horns to honk.

wanderer, for some reason I am hearing that with a Jersey accent.


Faux-par sounds like a bad golf stroke that manages to make the shot anyway.

Looks like the guys energy drink backfired.

Good thing he kept moving or the Oregon DOT might have shown up.

There was a MAN in that video? Let me check again.

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