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March 01, 2019


Online Service Lets You Erase Your Ex from Meaningful Photos

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Erasing an Ex from your photos wouldn't be nearly as satisfying as removing the divorce attorney.

Any photo with my ex in it is categorically and automatically "non-meaningful" and relegated to the incinerator. A match has to be less expensive than an online service.

How Soviet. How Red Chinese. How North Korean...Oh, Kim used an anti-aircraft gun. Either way, faces just disappear.

Clarence from "Its a Wonderful Life" could do this. And he was free.

Can they put Michelle Pfeiffer into mine ?

Can they do anything to remove my ex so I no longer have to pay my meaningful alimony?

I recently emailed my wife a picture of my mother from the 1940's. The picture was taken of her and an unknown soldier in uniform, ok it looks intimate. My wife asked, "that's not your dad?" I said, "no it's not, is just some guy (LOL)."

Next day my wife emailed to me that picture of my mom. She had photo shopped out the unknown soldier, Har. I have to admit, my mom's picture took on a whole new meaning. I always wondered, "who in the hell is this guy and, no...............?"

How weird. Very "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind"-y.

I remember a Stephen King story of a writer. He had a word processor that when he typed someone's name and hit "delete", the person would cease to exist.
The way things are going, fiction could become fact way too soon.

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