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March 10, 2019


Watch where you land.

(Thanks to Eric Y and Ralph)


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Australian homeland security forces on the watch.

Austrailia's National Motto: F***ing Roo.

On the good side, Australian kangaroos aren't venomous----are they?

Let's put that question in a way any Australian can understand just what is it you are asking.

On the good side, F***ing Australian kangaroos aren't F***ing venomous----are they, M8?

I did not know until now that kangaroos are the natural enemy of paragliders.

Gives up paragliding for waterskiing in croc infested lakes.

It just never stops.

manual t - I think "Australian kangaroos" is redundant, more or less.

pogo: well, they could be from Hundred Acre Wood ..

"G-g-g-giant m-m-m-mouse!!"

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