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March 04, 2019


Bicycling backwards on I-95 while nearly naked? Yup.

(Thanks to Dick Lobo)


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"Only in (expletive) Miami" indeed.

Remind me not to borrow his bike. No amount of cleaning and disinfection is going to make that right.

You can do about anything on 95 as long as you're going 85 miles an hour.

That would be really unusual on I-95 in Philadelphia or farther north. BRRR!

Agreed, Laura. Was just thinking how someone could pull that off (ha!)
in Minnesota this time of year.

Hey - come on! - give the man some respect. That isn't exactly easy.

I particularly enjoyed the insightful commentary.

Alternative headline--Pedaling for a Darwin.

No, actually, it's NOT only in Miami. Here in Seattle, we have an annual celebration in June in the Fremont District. It's called the Fremont Summer Solstice Parade, and it features a clothing-optional bike ride, where over 200 cyclists ride through the Fremont district wearing nothing but body paint.


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