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March 15, 2019


Wearable penis camera lets you record your achievements

(Thanks to Charles Cates and pharmaross)


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I foresee lighting problems.

Possibly this penis cam could help the British locate a woman's vagina?

Yeah, I was hoping for a solar powered rechargeable battery.

Seeking to fill position for self-starter to test cameras for defects under warranty. Pleasant secluded work area. Assigned private parking space. Prior experience in penis related micro sex toys technology is not required, or even expected.

Reminds me of an old joke that ends with somebody getting shoved into a cave until he throws up, but I don't think I can tell that one here.

Le Petomane's post should be deleted under the blog's 'topic combination post' rule. And snork at idea of unknowing British men using a penis cam to locate one.

We were promised flying cars.

Needs a SIM card and GPS geolocation for streaming video. CALLING DICK TRACER....

"How much extra if I wear this Penis Cam?"

"You're a cop...I know it...OMG...now I'm an emotional wreck."

One problem with the penis cam, while it can locate the vagina it simply can't find the clitoris.

Finally, good news for those who have encountered difficulties trying to use a GoPro camera.

Does it add 10 pounds?

Women love it when you attach the telephoto lens!!!

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