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March 13, 2019


How Did This Live Rat End Up Inside A MetroCard Machine?

(Thanks to Jay Brandes and pharmaross)


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I've seen many rats on the tracks, some on the platform and even one or two in a subway car, but sorry, I am calling "hoax" on this one. The only way a rat could possibly get in there is if someone picked it up and placed it there by hand.

Trust me.

Somebody didn't get their 2 mice and a flea change.

One could assume that possibly the squirrels have developed an ATM that dispenses tasty rats to snakes or cats. But where would they carry their wallets? The squirrels need to take this back to research and development.

So, Jeff .. does this mean .. you smell a rat?

That's amazing!
The lack of oxygen and food in there usually kills them pretty fast . . .

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