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March 05, 2019


IKEA is selling a chocolate Easter bunny -- assembly required

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Insrt errs part (A) thru head aasy (B) taking care not folding body crrectly.

In Flathead County folks would just eat the pieces and not worry about it. Besides, they already know what a jackalope looks like.

Does it come with an Allen Wrench?

Meh... Not impressed. Hershey's has been making that assembly-required chocolate bar since the early 1900's. You can make lots of things, including a box, a cube, a pretend cobblestone road, and several letters of the alphabet.

Didn't see them in Ikea yesterday. Oh, Brits only. Guess Americans just have to be happy with painted meatballs for the Easter hunt. Easier assembly.

I put mine together and had a tail and a leg left over.

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