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March 06, 2019


Convention brings hundreds of clowns to Albuquerque

(Thanks to Le Petomane)

We know what they do. We just don't know why.


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Sounds like Washibgton DC has move to New Mexico

Too bad they didn't schedule it on October to coincide with the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta.

We might have seen some really big balloon animals

Pennywise is looking forward to this convention.

That's why we need that wall!

WAIT A MINUTE, isn't this why we have a Congress?

Send those clowns to ...uh, never mind.

That is not funny.

Do you know why cannibals don't east clowns?

Eat not east. I need my Geritol.

Mikey123 is it because they taste funny? We'll be here all week folks. Tip your waiters.

The scariest city in the US this week.

Who said those legislators could take a week off ?

Give me an A
Give me an L
Give me a B
Give me a U
Give me a Q
Give me a minute while I look up the rest

Good thing they can all fit into one hotel room.

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