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March 02, 2019


Do NOT click here.

(“Thanks” to pharmaross)


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Alert the Darwin Award people for potential incoming.

Prosecutors are looking at the case? Hasn’t he suffered enough?

"I have good news and bad news, Mr. Jones. Unfortunately we can't save your penis."
"I was afraid of that. What's the good news, Doc?"
" Oh...My brother-in-law was able to get me a 4:00 tee time at Pinehurst! Isn't that great?"

I cringed even more with no mention of the word 'grazed' where the bullet exited.

This dude's grief hasn't ended. Wait until he gets the hospital bill for a radical prostate removal.

Talk about going off half-cocked . . .

Talk about going off half-cocked . . .

Talk about going off half-cocked . . .

Talk about going off half-cocked . . .

The man does not have an Indiana Handgun License.

So? He didn't shoot himself in the hand.

Hell be shooting blanks from now on.

This has been your Flap-head County Police Blotter entry of the day.

David H., do you think he was going off half-cocked?
I agree with John. I think he's suffered enough.

"Excuse me while I whip....oh nevermind..."

Is there much of a difference between a man that shoots a new hole in his penis and a man that just had a vasectomy?

I don't think there's any vas deferens.

Sounds like a re-wrote of the Lewis Grizzard book

The blog ate my comment:

Sounds like a re-write of the Lewis Grizzard novel:
Daddy was a Pistol, and I'm a Son of a Gun.

How in the heck did my single comment multiply like that??

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