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March 26, 2019


Lucy and her book

So here's Lucy with my new book Lessons from Lucy, which basically explains why Lucy (a dog) is smarter than I (technically a human). The book will be published on Tuesday, April 2, but we're having a pre-publication kickoff event on, appropriately enough, April 1, at 7:30 p.m. at Coral Gables Congregational Church. The event is hosted by Books & Books, and although Lucy won't be there -- she'll be home reading -- there will be rescue dogs that YOU CAN ADOPT thanks to the wonderful dog-loving folks of Friends of Miami Animals. So you can get a book AND (Why not?) a dog.

After that I'll be going on a nationwide book tour that will probably result in my demise, while Lucy lounges around the house emitting dog farts and occasionally barking at the mail person as part of her ongoing, and so far successful, effort to keep the mail person from attacking the household. These are the roles we have chosen.

Anyway, I hope to see some of you out there on the road, assuming I am still alive when I get to your city.

Lessons From Lucy will also be available as an audiobook, read by me. Pre-order your copy for delivery on April 2nd:

B&N: http://bit.ly/2T3HbjN
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2SWjUjT
Amazon: https://amzn.to/2SWP4rj
Audible: https://adbl.co/2SYKLMi


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The twenty bucks for a general admission seat at the L.A. venue is more than the price I paid to see Zeppelin. Are you bringing your guitar?

Can't wait, Dave! If you don't survive the entire signing tour, will tickets for the remaining venues be discounted?

Stix: I will still appear at the venue, in corpse form, gripping my book and smiling.

If I bring a Shih Tzu, could you swing by Anderson's in Naperville?

You can tell the parts the Lucy likes (a big assumption that it's plural) . The pages are dog earred..

Woot! to Dave and Boop! to Lucy (who is a good girl).

Smph! 'Nation-wide' tour and you're not coming to D/FW Texas.

Lucy (thinking): "How long do I have to stand here looking cute before I get to eat?"

Similarly no stop in Ohio. Hmph!

Congratulations Dave! I'm disappointed you're not coming to Austin. I can't say I blame you though. They're pretty wierd here and have statues of women shooting cannons at convenience stores (among other things)

No stops here in the southeast? I promise we won't try to buy your books with confederate money this time!

But does Lucy bark at Air Molecules like my dog?
Cant wait to get thebook!!!!

I still remember your backup dog Skippy and how he used to stare at a spot on the kitchen floor because a piece of Thanksgiving turkey once landed there and it might magically reappear.

Good call on finishing in Colorado, might need something "medicinal" by then.

Obviously a dog of great wisdom and descretion. I can see it in her eyes.

Lucy looks like she can't believe you told people she farts.

Dave wrote a bark?

No stop in Detroit? Temperature will probably be above 35 degrees by then.

Ridgewood, N.J. ...? Whose parents bribed a soccer coach to get that one in ?

Dave I am going to go out and buy the book but ho hum I will have to wait and see if you come back to the SAY radiothon later this year to get it signed. I have never seen you come here for a book signing.

Lucy wrote a book?

In that pose, with a pair of glasses, Lucy would look exactly like Mr. Peabody. Are you her boy Sherman Dave?

Grumble, grumble, no Arizona stops, grumble, grumble

I pre-ordered the book back in October and Amazon said I'll get it on April 2nd. I'd love to get it signed plus another one I found at our local used bookstore. It's already signed but has someone else's name. I'd like for Dave to cross that name out and put mine above it. I don't ask much.

Probably not. I tried to have him cross out Dave on the front cover and put Gene, but no go.

Um, Dave, there is more than one coast in Florida. When will you be coming to the better one? Are you not returning The Poyntner's calls?

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