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March 06, 2019


Enter the National Film Board of Canada, which on Monday launched an interactive game for mobile devices that takes a playful, informative approach to female sexual satisfaction and the role of the clitoris.

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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What does a clitoris, an anniversary, and toilets have in common?
Men always miss them.

I used to be pretty good at Missle Command on Atari... Does that count?

Ah, didn't she have a TV show in the '70s?

I'm not going to respond to this touchy subject.

Nobody can out-Canada like Canada can!

Isn't that just called a vibrator?

Canadian woman gonna mess your mind
Canadian woman, she gonna mess your mind
Canadian woman gonna mess your mind
Canadian woman gonna mess your mind
Say C,
Say A,
Say N,
Say A,
Say D,
Say I,
Say A,
Say N,

One of the few things I know about the subject is I was disappointed when I learned clitoris doesn't rhyme with Lavoris.

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