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March 15, 2019


A worrying new survey has revealed that around half of Brits don’t know where the vagina is

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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And here I was thinking their population was in decline because of tax exiles.

Just south of Dunwoodie, innit?

I haven't had any problem since I combined the "CockCam" with Google maps.
Just takes awhile to get over the annoying navigator's voice "... your destination is on the left."

I'm guessing that that half are all male?

An updated study also shows most Brits don't know what a clitoris is, let alone where it's located.

Must have another name for it, yes?

So, where is it?

Well, Duh. Mine moves as I walk around the house.

^5 for stixnstonz

"...vagina is self-cleaning..."

So it's like my oven?

That's easy; it's right next to West Vagina.

I hope it's the men half.

They need to import some 15 yo boys. Oh, and porn.

Perhaps the problem is that all their mothers
were hamsters and their fathers smelled of elder berries.

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