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March 14, 2019


Drunken U.P. man shoots at snowbank after car gets stuck

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Only after first pulling a whoop-ass.


The Upper Penninsula is known for significant snowfall; most locals take it in stride and even as a point of superiority over the tourists from "down south" (the Lower Penninsula) who couldn't handle it.

Give this guy a pastie and send the snowbank to Flathead County.

That snowbank was asking for it.

Okay I give-what is a UP man?

maryqos, I wondered the same thing. If it is not as wanderer said (Upper Peninsula), maybe Union Pacific?

maybe Union Pacific man who doesn't give a Sh!t (as in UPS)

If the reporter was dyslectic it could have been P.U. or Postal Untied.

Union Pacific is easily sidetracked.

Maybe they meant Union Pathetic?

Former member of UP with People?

Is this a snow job?

UP as in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. The article states it's Hancock, MI. Spent my college years there attending the great MTU!

I would regularly drunken up in college, not so much nowadays.

Thanks, I missed wanderer's explanation.
I've been to Yale, Michigan, that is definitely UP.

After being taken to the hospital, the snowbank died of..well..melting.

My distant family is from Lansing and I heard a lot of Yooper jokes from them. It seams there is a lot of truth in those jokes.


Say yah to da UP, eh?

If you're too drunk to live in Sheboygan, they ship you up to dah You Pee.

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