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March 21, 2019


'Magic fridge' full of cold beer found in flooded Nebraska field

(Thanks to Catherine DeLorey, Ann and pharmaross)


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Beer? It was Busch & Bud Light.

I like an occasional beer. Michalob ultra is nice.

It was free.

but not beer, wiredog....

The first person to open that refrigerator had to be sedated and later hospitalized with shock. He just kept mumbling: "Why did it have to be Bud Light and that other one I swore to never speak the name of. Of all the beers in this world why did we get THAT beer? Oh, The humanity...!

First the storm and now Busch products. Surely these poor people have suffered enough?

Heresy! To say that God sent them Bud Lite beer is like saying Jesus turned water into Boone's Farm wine.

Or Annie Green Springs...

And an alien saucer floating not far overhead..... You'd think people would stop falling for that one.

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