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March 19, 2019


NYPD officers corral wayward cow running on Bronx highway

(Thanks to Jeff Meyerson)


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Silly authorities. Don't they know where cows come from?

Didn't Wayward Cow open for Kansas?

As Rudolph said: "Carry on our wayward cow...there'll be peace when you are gone...."

Is it a Connected Cow?

Carry on the wayward cow

Toto, I'm afraid I'm not in Kansas any more.

The animal in question was not the cream of society. In fact, it turned out to be a bum steer.

They should hire the crossing-guard turkey.

What have we in the Bronx now?
It's a wayward brown cow
From whence it came no one can say
But they know it'll eat a lot of hay

Many want to give the wayward cow a home
They claim they'll give it a lush pasture to roam
McDonald and Outback all say they love cows
Especially free, chunky wayward cows

So what now, wayward brown cow?

Bravo Le Petomane!

It was released upon producing a Florida driver's license, of course.

I saw Wayward Cow open for Meat Loaf.

I got nothin'.

!.) It was a steer calf, not a cow.

2) In NYC it takes over a dozen cops and several hours to deal with a calf lying on the side of the road, with TV helicopters overhead.

In Texas, this would be a routine domestic disturbance call, with the perp in the back of the patrol car in 10 minutes.

Check its license. It is probably a Jersey cow

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