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March 31, 2019


Officer pulls over a swerving motorist only to find that he has two PIGS sitting in his lap

(Thanks to Another Ralph, who notes that the pigs produced valid Florida drivers' licenses.)


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It was a bacon run.

Who squealed on them?

Ham puts the hammer down.

There's nothing nastier than cold bacon.

He's just bringing home the bacon.

Bacon Run 2 would have been a better flick if the actors hadn't hammed up their lines so much.

Bacon Run 3- Escape from Smithfield, was less ham-handed.

What are Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain doing on that guy's lap ? Twice ?

My last husband did that frequently.

Wait -- REAL pigs?

Both of my parents' favorite joke:
A man is driving along the road when a woman driving toward him in the opposite lane sticks her head out the window and yells "Pig!"
The man leans out of his window and shouts "Bitch!"... and crashes into a pig in the road.

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