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March 27, 2019


Woman leads police on wild chase says she was 'late for work'

You can tell she's not from Miami, because even during a police chase she signals a lane change.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)


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"And where do you work, ma'am. I'm a school safety officer."

"The use of excessive force in the apprehension of the Blues brothers... has been approved."

*[Cue "Yakety Sax" by Boots Randolph or "Time is Tight" by Booker T & the MGs]

The woman later said she worked for the DMV and wanted to get to work because she really, really enjoyed her job.

I don't think she's going to have to worry about her job for a while.

Big Snorks to Jeff, Stix, Le Pet, and nursecindy

(please keep those laughs coming, folks - I'm having a (r@ppy day)

Sorry to hear that, MOTW...I find a little Dave Barry usually helps me in crappy days.
But like those low-flow toilets Dave famously rants about, sometimes it takes a couple tries to flush it away...

Hope your day gets better!!

@MOTW--It seems we all have more bad days than we used to. Whenever I try to cheer someone up it often come across like the infamous attempt: "Aside from THAT Mrs. Lincoln, did you enjoy the play?"
To borrow some lines from a Dylan song: "Whiskey goes down easier than a crappy day."

MOTW, I was having one of those days too. I did some retail therapy at.......The Dollar Tree. I feel about 10% better.
(As God is my witness I had no idea it was possible to spend $50 at The Dollar Tree.)

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