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March 03, 2019


Massive 700-pound alligator in Georgia discovered in irrigation ditch

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I never realized how ubiquitous gators are in Florida. I moved into a new G.L. Homes community in Fort Myers and was told the HOA removes any gators that find their way into the ponds our homes are clustered around. Now that a 6-foot gator is cruising a pond across the street, the builder's rep says they will only remove it if it becomes a nuisance. What constitutes a nuisance? Lots of children and pets in the neighborhood and a tragedy waiting to happen. Mating season begins in April and gators are known to travel miles across land in search of mates. So much for nighttime walks in the neighborhood with the bears, Florida panthers and Burmese Pythons also nearby. When vacationing, stick to a high rise hotel.

Lotta luggage

I stayed at a Holiday Inn in Boca Raton twice in one month back in 1981. The alligators in the hotel's 'decorative landscaped pond' were somewhat of a surprise to see. I was REALLY surprised to see my friend had awakened me in the middle of the night when He brought the lounge singer up to our room.

pharmaross: Alligators will attack small pets in or near water, but rarely children, who should not be in ponds with gators anyway. Black Bears very rarely attack people unless food or dogs are involved. They will "bluff charge" to scare you away, which is a warning, not an attack. There has never been an unprovoked attack on humans by a panther or python in Florida.

Your danger from Florida Man (or Woman) is a whole different matter. You may want to get a permit to have a pet 6-foot gator on a leash for protection. And drive a well-armed and armored vehicle.

"The only way these animals get this large is by avoiding humans.”
Or, when theyt met humans, it ate them

I was in South Carolina at a waterside park when I noticed a couple were about to sit down on a log when the log walked towards the water and swam away.

There have been a couple of women killed by gators in Florida park ponds in the last year and the recent death of a child at Disney World by a gator attack. There is no signage warning of gators in our community ponds. In the Fort Myers/Naples area, there have been repeated pet and livestock killings by panthers in recent months. We've had bears wandering backyards here and I wouldn't want to accidentally get between a sow and her cubs. In short, there are a lot of dangerous creatures in Florida and realtors and builders should disclose the local risks and not omit or hide them. Clankie can make my luggage out of a gator hide.




pharmaross: Do you want realtors to also warn people that there are mosquitos and flying roaches? It's Florida. Expect gators in ponds, and panthers in the palmettos. You're not in Kansas anymore.

Getting between a bear sow and her cubs is standard technique for wildlife biologists when they tag cubs. Neither will go far from the others, and you don't want abandoned cubs. Mom will bluff charge, but if the taggers don't back down and she has an escape route, that's usually all that happens, although they are prepared for worse.

I've spent 40+ years living with Black Bears in NH, including almost face-to-face confrontations on my deck, and they always backed off or ran away in panic when I opened the door. I've also canoed and rafted thousands of miles in the Arctic, with Black Bear tracks sometimes left right outside my tent at night, with no problems. People are not bear food. I didn't mess with the few Grizzlies I saw there.

There are about 3 fatal bear attacks per year in North America, including Grizzlies. There are about 4.7 million annual dog bites in the US alone, with about 20-30 deaths. You are much safer with Black Bears than dogs. Grizzlies have a different temperament.

Manual Tomato: Just out of curiosity, would you classify the singer your roommate had brought up to your hotel room as a lounge lizzard? Inquiring minds would like to know.






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