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March 01, 2019


Parents' sleep doesn't recover for years after having a baby, study finds

(Thanks to Joe Lynch, who says “no word on whether the Pope is Catholic, or if water is wet.”)


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When it comes to screaming babies in the dead of night, one of the most useful skills any new parent can master is that being able to pretend you’re asleep when your significant other knows you’re awake and is also pretending to be asleep. First to flinch has to get up…

Some people at Oxford University actually got paid cash money to write this "study?"

Maybe someday they can study something useful like squirrel control and removal.

You gotta get them out of the basement first.

I expect that after this publication, there will be a drop in birth rates.

More accurately: Parents' sleep doesn't recover for years after having a baby, study finds

Let me guess... 18 years. Was I right ?

Clankie-- 18 years is correct for the first leaving. Consider a few years later when they move back home and bring more little kids with them.

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