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March 06, 2019


I'm a Hot New Release.


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You do realize that it says "The simple joys of an old Dave Barry."

You are #1, #10 and #12.....excellent work!

Better than the old joys of a simple Dave Barry, Mr. Bill.

I agree, thanks Jeff.

Yay, Lucy is famous! Congratulations on your new book, Dave. I can’t wait to read it.

(Now Walter will be demanding his fifteen minutes as well.)

...and thx for the $5 Kindle credit!

Can't wait for reports of the book tour! Or are you exempted from those now?

I pre-ordered this a few months ago and can't wait to get it.

I'm sure I could use a few lessons from Lucy. I'll be reading her advice soon.

Right up there with Whitman and Fitzgerald.

Good Girl!

Looking forward to my local book-signing event – but how is Lucy going to hold a pen?

Is it translated into "Dog" as well? Asking for a (best) friend...

This is just the boost you need to really get your career off the ground.

It will be good to get it.

Woof, Dude. I could have possibly misread the reviews.

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