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March 13, 2019


A courier who delivered parcels wearing trousers with a hole cut from the crotch has been convicted of ten counts of indent exposure.

(Thanks to John Lobert, who says “We might as well tear up the British Constitution [if they have one].”)


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I can't even...

Nothing like the breeze 'tween the knees, skeeze.

Parcels wear trousers in Britain?

Both the judge and jury agreed it was no big deal, but the law is the law.

Just a simple misunderstanding of the word "package"

Set the box there. The boner is not mine.

How many of you had a friend(s) in high school who would constantly nudge you when an attractive girl walked by and say to you, "boner, man." I had friends who did this all day long.

The judge should order a surgically attached cowbell so folks know he's coming, right? What's more natural than a cow with a cowbell?
We need more cowbell!

Postal pervert presents penis

The Postman...always delivers......

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