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March 07, 2019


Hipster whines at tech mag for using his pic to imply hipsters look the same, discovers pic was of an entirely different hipster

(Thanks to Kim Michel and Jeff Meyerson)


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Irony, dude.

I second Jeff's comment, dude.

No one likes a whiner. Much better to be a maths-modelling boffin!

Fotunately we don't have a lot of hipsters where I live. I guess they're afraid the local rednecks will kill them. They probably would too.

Every once in a while, a hipster couple wanders down here out of their comfort zone (which is Williamsburg, dude), but you can see how out of place they are and they soon leave.

I wonder if their mothers' basements all look the same.

Dude, I know right? Like that is just so like literally like, you know, like totally like literally like what I was thinking, ya know?

Hipsters don't whine.

How do you dress like an outlaw, individualistic badass biker?
Wear a leather jacket or vest. For best results, find an old, smelly, beat up leather jacket or vest. ...
Get leather boots. Guys and ladies should both own a pair of leather boots. ...
Wear denim. Worn denim jeans in black or grey will do. ...
Wear black. ...
Sport a bandana. ...
Acquire a chain wallet.
Have Harley-Davidson logos on all of it.

"You non-conformists are all alike"

Non-conformists who don't follow the dress code will be excluded from our super-secret meet-ups...

I'm reminded of the www.despair.com poster on INDIVIDUALITY: "You are Unique...just like everyone else."

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