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March 03, 2019


Houston man parks his $1 million supercar in his living room

(Thanks to Steve K)


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Hey, I can understand that perfectly. You don't want to risk the Batmobile your $1 Supercar getting scratched on the street, right?

That was supposed to be $1 MILLION.

That car would definitely get some looks when I pulled into the Walmart parking lot.

@Jeff - or was it 1 Meeeeelllion. Mwahahahaa!

That thing has such low ground clearance it wouldn't make it into my driveway, much less my living room.

I've had cars more in this category:

"A thousand dollar car, it ain't worth nothin'
A thousand dollar car, it ain't worth s**t
Might as well take your thousand dollars
And set fire to it ... "

Thousand Dollar Car
The Bottle Rockets

(We had a local band here named "The Thousand Dollar Cars")

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