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March 31, 2019


Irishman’s fart sets off carbon monoxide alarm in Dublin after St. Patrick's Day pints

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Stinks, but coulda been a glass break alarm.

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I saw Celtic Emissions open for the Chieftains.

CO2 is not carbon monoxide. Is our copy editors learning?

So who needs an alarm when Danny comes home hammered ? Isn't knocking over the lamp and falling on his face enough warning ?

One word - Cabbage

Head_Smashed_in is absolutely correct.
Carbon monoxide farts would definitely be a DEFCON 2 alert. The much more common carbon dioxide farts are only annoying stinkers unless somebody is dumb enough to set them on fire.

Le Pet - I don't believe CO2 would ignite, else we'd have really made a mistake with a lot of fire extinguishers. Methane (CH4) would most likely be the combustible emission from those "annoying stinkers".

Pogo-You are correct about methane being the stinker. C02 is simply carbon dioxide. But we should really worry if terrorists learn how to fart carbon monoxide.
Well, maybe we shouldn't worry if they ask me how to do it.

Actually phenols, skatols, mercaptans and sulpher dioxide make up the stench. In farts, trapped air, nitrogen, methane and CO2 are odorless carriers.

And I always thought they were caused by air passing by the log jam at the door. Hunh.

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