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March 21, 2019


Man accidentally shoots himself after throwing gun at cockroach to kill it

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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A police artist sketch of the cockroach is in the making as local authorities search for the fugitive.

Was an substance allegedly involved?

Only professional stunt roaches were used in the writing of this article. None were injured.

No, no, no! You shoot at snakes. You hit cockroaches with a big work boot. Moron.

Unfortunate, but sometimes it works. ( Don't ask how I know. )

What nursecindy said. And it works best if you are WEARING the boot at the time.

I think roach clips are big now in Michigan.

nursecindy would be interested to know how they deal with snakes and cockroaches at the Los Alamos Nuclear Test Facility in New Mexico.

I can imagine the targeted roach telling this tale to all of the other roaches inside the house. "You guys are never going to believe what just happened."

Treat every shoe as if it were loaded.

nursecindy would not have to throw her nice boots at the cockroaches if she would keep her flame thrower properly fueled and inspected. Hint hint.

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