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March 13, 2019


Florida woman threatened hair salon employees with a machete, then pooped in a patrol car

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I guarantee I've had more worse haircuts in my life than this woman experienced, but I have not, to the best of my recollection, ever gone back in with a machete. Though one place came close. Not to name names, but it rhymes with Pooper Butts.

*Just re-read my post. Forgive my grammar... I'm blaming the time-change.

Anybody seen Siouxie? Siouxie? Did she slip her ankle monitor again?

Question: does everyone in Florida have a machete in their car at all times? Discuss.

Her Plan A got results.

I'd be hesitant to know her Plan B.

Geeze-- I have always thought Sampson got the world's worst haircut.

Only in FL. clipper cut, scissor cut, razor cut, jungle hacker cut, loaf cut.

After arriving at the station, George-Sirleaf proclaimed, "you ain't got (expletive) on me."

Her statement confirms reports Sirleaf managed to undo her pants wearing handcuffs while seated in the car.

Why were her pants wearing handcuffs?

She must've been smoking too much sirleaf...

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