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March 15, 2019


Billings told the police “he punched Dolan with a closed fist ‘a couple times’ to subdue him. Billings advised he was aiming for Dolan’s chest but may have actually struck him in the face.”

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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He can also explain how the knee bone connects to the wrist bone.

I worked 7 years in mental hospitals to put myself through college. You NEVER hit a patient no matter how much they provoke you. You can restrain them, but hitting with a fist is against all the rules let alone common sense.

I agree with Le Petomane. I worked in the ER and was also a paramedic for years. I've had some very combative patients and it never even occurred to me to hit or kick them. People with head injuries can get very aggressive and you restrain them to keep them from hurting you or themselves. I hope they revoke his license permanently and he does some jail time.

He wants the charges struck from his record.

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