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March 27, 2019


Crocodile chases fishermen away from their catch, sends them running for their lives

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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Are crocodiles poisonous down under?

Phil, they don't need to be poisonous.

Phil, Australia sent a team of scientists to determine if the Crocodiles there are venomous. The team went out in 1999. When they report back, we'll know the answer.

12 Fun Facts about Barramundi
excerpt here

Barramundi’s native waters span from Northern Australia up to Southeast Asia and all the way west to the coastal waters of India and Sri Lanka.

Barramundi is known by many around the world as Asian Seabass, although its Scientific common name is Barramundi Perch. Some of the other names include: Giant Perch, Palmer, Cockup, Bekti, Nairfish, Silver Barramundi and Australian Seabass.

The name barramundi is Aboriginal for “large-scaled silver fish.”

Virtually all barramundi are born male, then turn into females when they are three to four years old. This means female barramundi can only be courted by younger men! (by which they mean younger fish)

Barramundi live in freshwater, saltwater and estuaries (where fresh and saltwater meet).

I've been hoping I would never see the word " venomous " in print again. Thanks for spoiling my day.

Marlin Perkins:
Jim, I really need to get that lure back. Reach in there and grab it for me, will you?

shuffles back to the geezer bus

I hope the Australian crocodiles and Alaskan bears never team up. That would put a damper on fishing trips. Of course, you know who would be detecting the activity.

Not ‘detecting’, directing. Danged autocorrect.

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