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March 12, 2019


Passenger jet 'turns around and returns to Saudi airport after mother FORGETS her baby and leaves it behind'

(Thanks to pharmaross, Rick Day, Jack Eberling and Not My Usual Alias, who says “I can see a dad doing this, but a mom?”)


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But no doubt she remembered to make sure she had her smartphone.

"Let's see...passport, lipstick, magazines, snacks...yes, smartphone. OK, I'm set."

Once those babies are no longer connected by an umbilical cord, they become a lot more difficult to keep tabs on.

If the baby was a girl and both her and the mother were wearing burqas, I can envision an identification problem in the airport that would be worthy of a Monty Python skit.

How do women lose their kids? I had three under the age of 6 and no matter how many times I tried to lose them they always managed to find me.

Mohammad? I thought you had Mohammad.

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