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March 05, 2019


Animal with an anus that comes and goes could reveal how ours evolved

(Thanks to DaninDallas)


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Intermittent Anus opened for Butthole Surfers, of course.

Transient Anus opened briefly for the Butt-hole surfers.

Come and Go Anus was that David Cassidy hit song. No?

As for people, I've met a lot of a******s who come and go.

Didn't Transient Anus once follow the Red Hot Chili Peppers?

And thus evolved the politicians.

The evolution of a permanent anus (AKA safety pressure release opening) saved civilization. Before this development entire tribes often exploded for unknown reasons, especially when they foraged in primitive Taco Bell caves. It is great to see scientists finally recognize this long overlooked hole in human evolution.

I saw transient anus open for whitesnake.

I work for a transient anus. But we call them "managers" now.

Karma, karma, karma, karma, karma temp anus
You come and go, you come and go....

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