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March 27, 2019


PEORIA — A loud fracas erupted on the East Bluff when two house guests refused to remove their shoes, prompting neighbors to call police.

Also a hullabaloo ensued.

(Thanks to Allen at Division, who says "Let's hope no one was injured in the fracas -- that makes it tough to sit.")


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Gannon and I were working Night Watch on the Idiot Control Division when a call came in that we had an erupting fracas involving shoes. I lit us up and when we got to the scene it was the worst hullabaloo we'd seen since that Anita Bryant concert. Two men were wearing shoes on the wrong feet and yelling at a couple of women sobbing over a smashed TV. When dealing with an erupting fracas involving shoes, the worst punishment is to let hem work it out.
Later, I had glazed doughnuts and Gannon had some with happy sprinkles on it.
-------Joe Friday

Wow, a fracas and a hullabaloo. Where do they think they are, Chuck E. Cheese?

At least it wasn't a melee nor ruckus.

Were there any signs of a kerfuffle? That's when you know it's going south real fast.

Query: Is there such a thing as a quiet fracas? Or perhaps a restrained one?

Dang a hullabaloo! That is like a double dog dare.

No hullabaloo, but a fracas occurs most days next door when Sheeba, the Iranian Bar Girl, slams Ayatollah, the look-a-like man owner of the home next door, into the wall and visa-versa meaning He in return propels her across the floor and slams her into the wall. Usually at least three police cruisers show up lining up the street along with a highly polished gleaming fire engine hauling paramedics to the fracas just before an ambulance arrives in sync having several large men on board to strap her down and haul her away to the mental hospital. This scenario occurs because the two have learned if He calls the police and states she is physically attacking him, they are heading towards jail time with a 'domestic' charge. So, not wanting to go to jail, A Ayatollah calls dispatch and says Sheeba is having 'a seizure'. So she has to fake a heart attack to avoid jail time. It's kind of like a hullabaloo, but with a lot of fuss in a language I don't understand. Plus these people are close to my mailbox and I am beginning to becoming concerned.

Finding peace and quiet around here to read Dave's book when it gets here is going to be a fracas away from impossible who opened for Andy Williams.

Fracus + Hullabaloo + Melee + Kerfuffle = Shenanigan

this is a very ineresting article to read, thank you for sharing this post.

Gratified to see the word " fracus " in print once again after such a long absence.

you can tell I am in earnest when I say that I am not a robot and is representative of ineresting article

I saw East Bluff Fracas on Hullabaloo

One could have a fracas just arguing over the pronunciation of the word "fracas" frah-CAW, FRACK-us, FRAKE-us, fur-RAWK-iss, etc...

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